Thursday, 31 May 2018

Malta - a guide

Malta - I have mentioned it in a couple of my previous posts, however I have never really gone into more details about how the island is and what can be explored there. I have been wanting to write a guide for a while now but I guess this post came to me much more naturally after my third trip there. Now I feel that I have a lot more to share with you, as my knowledge of this island has grow. This is a list of spots and places that I personally explored and really recommend. 

On this Mediterranean island it really does feel as if time has stood still, never left. The ancient architecture that dominates the island creates a magical presence that makes you feel as if you have been transported into the heart of movies such as Troy or Gladiator (both which were filmed on this island!). What more, whilst this happens you can enjoy a catch of the day at the local restaurant as you look upon a clear blue ocean. Even though there are only a few sandy beaches as Malta is very rocky, the clean crystallised water is always inviting - you won't say no. Personally, I think of this place as a Mediterranean gem and I think I will always keep going back there. Here are some of my favourite spots, make sure to give them a try if you will venture to this isle. Before I'll go on I just wanted to mention that I really recommend renting a scooter. The ancient streets of the cities in Malta make it ever so difficult to manoeuvre or find parking, whilst a scooter provides a swift solution to the problem. Every time we go we tend to rent from Med-Sun in St. Julians. The drivers are very careful of scooter riders so getting round the island has been an absolute ease.

Gozo. Most travelers who decide to go to Malta make the trip to Gozo. With just under a 20minute ferry ride you can explore a more feral isle of the two. Even though the majority people who visit Malta will venture onto Gozo, you do not tend to feel the 'touristic overcrowding'. The aqueduct that we found is just a couple of minutes from the town of Victoria and standing by the field next to it really makes you feel like being in the Gladiator movie. The sun-kissed and faded fields perfectly blend in with the limestone structures that are scattered across Gozo. Make sure to stop by Cafe Jubilee in Victoria to get your dose of caffeine for the day as it will definitely be a long one! 

Once you are on Gozo, without a doubt you should definitely check out the cliffside area of Dwejra that housed the now collapsed Azure Window, which was featured in the Game of Thrones. Afterwards, I would totally recommend checking out the Citadella (Castello) in Victoria - a structure which is believed to have been a Punic-Roman settlement. The Citadella reminded me of Mdina, especially its small windy streets that wind around the surrounding buildings. The architecture is stunning and the sand tones are simply beautiful.  One complements the other and its something you should not miss. Architecture knows no era on this island as Gozo also has some megalithic structures known as the Ggantija temples. These are from a similar period to the temples that you can find on mainland Malta next to the Blue Grotto known as Mnajdra. All of these structures are almost 6000 years old, thus not only making them a all UNESCO World Heritage sites but at the same time some of the oldest structures that grace our planet! If you have more time definitely check out the fishing village of Marsalforn and you'll find delicious fresh seafood to end your day with.

Mdina. First inhabited around 700BCE, Mdina was also an old capital of the island during the medieval times and now, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  that definitely accounts as one of the most popular tourist attractions on Malta. Its narrow, winding streets were perfect for filming scenes of King's Landing for Game of Thrones. I couldn't recommend more to see this settlement - the walls tell centuries of history. Not to mention all of its beautiful doors that are of all different colours designs. The one pictured above, with its rich purple flowers is a definite must see..

Valletta. This UNESCO World Site town is a must whilst in Malta, UNESCO itself describes it as 'one of the most concentrated historic area of the world'. With its architecture, museums, cafes and beautiful views - no wonder it was given such a description. Every time I am in Valletta I stop off to have the best cannoli at Dolci Peccati a small Sicilian cafe that has great coffee and delicious Italian snacks. Malta's close proximity to Sicily makes it popular amongst Italians who open up businesses on the island - Dolci Peccati is one of them and I couldn't recommend it more for a day when you're exploring Valletta. 
This year a Is-Suq talk Belt (Food Halle) has been opened in a new location. Various restaurants and bars - some local, others with from a foreign palette serve up great dishes. The mussels were great there and the outdoor bars are great for an evening's drink. Downstairs they have store which sells some groceries - a lot of them are imported from the UK and just seemed a little overpriced to me. However, I'm sure you'll find something you crave. 
Due to its historical and archeological importance Valletta also has great museums, however to me the whole city is just a one big museum site! National Museum of Archaeology, of Fine Arts or War to name a few - there is quite a range to choose from. Take your time and just wonder the streets, exploring beautiful architectural gems such as St. John's Co Cathedral, built by the order of St. John in the 16th century..

St. Julian's presents itself as rather lavish just as the restaurants that it houses. The harbour bay looks wonderful when the lights are lit up in the evening and its worth taking a trip to this town for a tasty dinner. Barracuda restaurant is definitely my favourite - I ate the best fish on the island there and I soulfully recommend it to you. Even though the better restaurants in this area can be a little pricier than others, they are definitely worth the spend, Barracuda is definitely one of them. Apart from renting out the scooter, strolling or going to restaurants in the area, I didn't find much else to do in in St. Julians.
Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk. Both of these are smaller fishing towns that serve up the best fish in Malta and they are within a 10 minute drive from each other on a scooter. You'll find plenty of restaurant choices here. I would recommend to always go for the catch of the day, it will guarantee you freshness (not that its an issue here in Malta).  We really enjoyed our dinner at Restaurante Famiglia in Marsaskala and Dell'Arte in Marsaxlokk, which recently changed location.  Additionally Terrone offers tasty breakfasts and great dishes in their daily changing menu. Terrine is also located in Marsaxlokk, right on the seafront.

St. Peter's Pool is definitely one of Marsaxlokk greatest attractions. The blue water is ever so inviting and the ledges are perfect for jumping into this naturally occurring 'swimming pool'. In the summer it can get quite crowded so if you want to have a more private experience definitely get there earlier in the day. The cliffs surrounding the St. Peter's pool give a great view over the deep blue sea, it's very dreamt and ever so stunning.

More. Undoubtedly, there is always something more to explore. For example the breath-taking Blue Grotto, which can be admired from a cliff side lookout close to Mjandra. The view is incredible and on the day we went the wind was so strong that I swear I was half flying when walking around the view point. Alternativelyl you have Popeye Village, a town built for filming purposes that now became a theme park village attraction with boat rides. If you'll go round the other side of the village, you will find an area where you can swim and dive. Both of the attractions are very popular with boat tours, however we have remained faithful to our scooter and use it to get around the island.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Spring x Rowery Embassy

Spring in Warsaw can only mean one thing, it's time to get on an Embassy Bike and explore the city. I love the colours, smells and the atmosphere that touches this city when Spring is in full bloom. After the grey winter days, green trees and blue skies are ever so refreshing. Therefore taking my bike on a ride down river paths and city parks, is definitely one of my absolute spring must do's. My personal choice for this task is this beautiful rose gold piece known as their Goldie Deluxe Model. What about you? Which bike will fit you? Find your unique model at Embassy Bikes. Make sure to have a browse of their beautiful pieces :)

Wiosna już wypełniła Warszawe, a mój sezon rowerowy został rozpoczęty wraz z Rowerami Embassy. Kocham te kolory, zapachy i całą atmosferę jaka obejmuję miasto kiedy Wiosna jest w pełnym rozkwicie. Po długim sezonie zimowej szarości, zieleń i towarzyszące jej błękitne nieba bardzo orzeźwia umysł. Podczas tego okresu, zabieranie mojego roweru na wycieczki po Warszawskich parkach i przyrzecznych trasach jest absolutną koniecznością. Goldie Deluxe jest moim preferowanym modelem do takich misji, ale który rower z nowej kolekcji będzie Twoim ulubieńcem? Zachęcam do zawitania na strone Rowerów Embassy i obejrzenia ich pięknych modeli, jest z czego wybierać :)



Sunday, 6 May 2018


Fuji Shibazakura Festival is something I didn't want to give amiss whilst being in the Tokyo area in May. The event is roughly 2-3 hours away from Tokyo via a combination of buses and trains. Unfortuntely for us it took much longer due to traffic in the lake area that added an extra 2 hours to our trip. The pink moss that is grown there gives a beautiful contrast to the blue, grey and white hues  of Mt. Fuji that graces the background. There are 8 types of moss and each one is of different colour ranging from pink, purple to white. Even though I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of people on the grounds, it is definitely something worth seeing if you are about during the Festival. I think the view you get of Mt. Fuji is one of a kind, making this experience very magical..


Saturday, 31 March 2018

Docs and Rain

This weather is definitely not easy to work with, nonetheless it gave me the chance to test out my new  Docs - suitable for all climatic conditions..


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