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Lanzarote, Spain

As some of you may already know, I ventured out to Lanzarote a couple of weeks back. I haven't had a proper chance to write about the island since then, as I have been seriously cought up with the preparation for my Internal Medicine exam. I managed to pass it, which is great news for me!! Hence, right now it's time for a much needed catch up on the site! Alex & I really love contributing to Chat Blanc & sharing our experiences with you all, however it can get a little tricky sometimes with both of us being full time students, apologies for the delay!


Being one of the 7 Canary Islands, located just off the Northern coast of Africa, Lanzarote is very well known as a popular holiday destination for Europeans all year round. With stable temperatures & constant winds, the Volcanic Canary isles - especially Fuerteventura and Lanzarote- attract not only regular tourists but numerous water sport enthusiasts..

Lanzarote is definitely very specific, quirky and unusual. With it's volcanic ashes and lack of natural green vegetations, it is not your stereotypical looking island, however it's uniqueness does grow on you! Here are the highlights from Lazarote:

Wine Farms & Aloe - from the few things that can be grown on the island, wine can be found in abundance within the La Geria area of Lazarote. The predominant wine type grown here is Malvasia, favoured by the climate of the island. Here, wine farmers tackle the tough growing conditions by protecting each grapevine with crescent shaped volcanic rock "walls". In this way the vines are sheltered from the ever blowing wind. If you're visiting make sure to check out such a 'bodega' - a winery in Spanish. Not only the wine tastes good but the views are incredible. Furthermore, in addition to wine,the area is famous for Aloe growing! Make sure to check the Aloe farms - the natural creams & gels work wonders on exposed & dry skin.

Windsurfing, surfing - the wind is very prominent on the Canaries, making them a staple choice for European windsurfers & kitesurfers. Surfers of various kinds can find good conditions on the beaches within the small village of Famara, North of the isle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, you'll find a suitable spot. El Quemao is a famous world class surfing spot known for it's shallow volcanic rock-reef break, mainly enjoyed by very experienced individuals. Whilst beginners can find comfort in the gentler waves of Arrieta.

Beaches - Lazarote provides with plenty of beach spots. Clustered calas are a popular choice. Playa del Papagayo is one of the most popular spots, however within its vicinity you can find alternative calas & beaches like Playa Mujeres just a 5minute drive from Papagayo.

Timanfaya National Park, home of the Montanas del Fuego (Mountains of Fire) that were formed by Volcanic eruptions in 1730-1736 are a must go. Craters of Volcanos & volcanic rock formations set the atmosphere of this park. Due to its intense protection by UNESCO as a world heritage site, access is highly restricted hence the area can only be explored by bus or on a camel. The rawness of the lava formations resembles a Martian-like landscape that is home to many species of plants & animals.

Famara - an adorable fishing village that attracts surfers. It has a really rustic feel to it & incredible fresh seafood on the beachfront restaurants.

Cuisine - in general the Spanish cuisine is well known for it's varied & rich tastes. The fresh seafood of Lanzarote is definitely a prominent feature. I think any sea food lover will satisfy their tastebuds on the isle. Within Spaniards, Lanzarote is known for it's sauces called the "mojos" that are largely enjoyed with boiled potatoes for their taste. Make sure to give those a try. It is said they taste the best when eaten on the island!

El Golfo - also known as the green lagoon. It is a a beautiful colour palette of contrasting colours. A specific chemical reaction between rock and salt water gives this "lagoon lake" its hypnotically green colour. It's mesmerising as you see all of the various  natural elements come together in one place..

Other tourist attractions - still, there is always something more to explore whether you want to see the caves of Jameos del Agua, Los Hervideros, El Mirador del Ri, Jardin de cactus (with its thousands of cactus species) or even the house of the late Manrique - the patron of Lanzarote and an artist whose art aesthetically dominates the island. For example, it's because of him that all the housing is strictly to be painted white or cream. All of these are very unique & unforgettable experiences that you can only find on this particular island. 


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