Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dolomites, Italy

Hey everyone, it's been a little while since we posted about travelling - so here it comes!

During the recent Easter break from university, I ventured on a family holiday to Italy. After a couple years of mainly travelling with friends, going on a family holiday definitely was a refreshing take on things. Thankfully, we managed to sync our busy schedules & head out to the Val Gardenia in the Dolomites. 

The Dolomites, as some of my may already know are a UNESCO World Heritage mountain range surrounding the Northeastern border of Italy. The range is equally distributed between the three neighbouring provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol & Trentino. Our resort was located in the Tyrol region. Here, we stayed in a small town of Castelrotto - just 3km from Alpe de Siusi resort where we would ride everyday. The season was finishing the following weekend hence we got there just in time! In the afternoons the snow did get a little bit slushy but the all around sunshine did make up for it! I usually prefer going earlier on in the season (for known reasons) but the snowboarding was still a lot of fun, especially as the slopes were not super overcrowded.

It is worth mentioning that until 1918 the whole region of Tyrol, was part of the  Austrio-Hungarian empire however subsequently it was annexed by Italy. Due to its complex historical background both german and italian are official languages & you can see the influence of both of these cultures on the daily basis - starting from the cuisine. You'll find delicious pasta dishes & you'll find schnitzels! I'm not going to lie - eating 5 course dinners after a long day on the mountains was definitely something I had to get used to - with each course tasting better than the other I have to give it up to the Italians - they definitely know their cuisine!

It has been a couple of years since I snowboarded - hence most of the day I spent riding! As I tried to make the most of my limited time here, the amount of photos is slightly limited however here are the visual highlights of the trip..


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