Sunday, 15 November 2015


As a keen traveller, I've always wanted to travel to South Africa. Especially since the country looked beautiful and everyone I met from there always emitted positive vibes. Yes, people make the place but the breathtaking views sure do help. Why not travel somewhere where both are equals?

Earlier this year I ventured there on two occasions. 
I definitely got to see some of the most beautiful sunsets there - which I'm a sucker for wherever I travel. (But then, isn't everyone?) On top of this, each beach I visited seemed more impressive than the other.. I can't say that about the water temperature, which felt like it was below freezing..The views totally make up for this though!

The city itself is jam packed with plenty cool hangouts be it restaurants, bars or cafes. I'm sure there's a spot that will satisfy even the pickiest of travellers (including myself). I found that Cape Town has a really artistic feel to it and is a great place to fuel your inspiration. It's literally around every corner, which makes that process ever so effortless. From long stretches of oceanside promenades, mountains to the most beautiful wine farms, there is something for everyone. It really ticks all the boxes.

I can't lie I really fell in love with this city and I will definitely come back to visit it in the near future! It definitely found a place in my top list of where I could live. Yes, I am Cape Town's number 1 fan but when you'll get a chance to visit, I'm sure you'll think likewise.

I have to say I didn't know too much about the country before traveling there apart from the fact they hosted the world cup, however I always heard about it being "unsafe" due to the high crime rates. Before I headed out I heard a lot of that too. I can understand that for an average tourist this can sound quite intimidating but I have to say that sticking to the right areas sure does help and lowers your chances of such unfortunate events. Basically anywhere you travel bad things can happen so there's no need to be completely intimidated but countries like South Africa. Be smart and it will all be ok!

These are my visual Cape Town highlights so far..

On your list of top must sees in CT you should definitely include: 

  • Lion's Head
  • Old Biscuit Mill
  • Boulders Beach
  • Table Mountain
  • Glen Beach
  • Chapman's Peak
  • Bo-Kaap neighbourhood
  • Signal Hill
  • Houte Bay market
  • Lladundo beach
  • Blouberg beach
  • Camps bay
  • Wine farms (plenty to choose from)


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